Lost Film

So I spent the weekend going through a box of film that I gave to a friend of mine over 2 years ago. I had forgoten what shots were even on the film I gave him so many moons ago. After hours scanning photo’s I ended up with this nice little collection of Noblex Pano and 35mm photos from around Australia. Enjoy.

Sunshine Coast leary-sunniecoast  Suncoast (3) Suncoast (4)Suncoast (6)  Suncoast (7)Suncoast Sunni Coast  (3) Sunni Coast  (4) Untitled (2)Sunni Coast_ Sunni Coast  (2)-2

Cairns Waterfall_lawn  (4) mefilm35Cains (3) Cains (4) Cains (5) Cains (6)Waterfall_lawn  (3)CainsCains (2)UntitledWaterfall_lawn  (2)

Lukey Boor Untitled (3) Untitled (4)

Leary 420Leary_35filmMitchUntitled (8)Parkway Drive mefilm35 (5) mefilm35 (7) Parkway_sICK Parkway35film (2) parway35film

Invading The Philippines

Mitch and I show up to the Philippines to find Graeme Buress and Ben Leclair on a shred rampage. Mitch and I were there to film for our new project Odyssey. A full length that will be available come September. We had some awesome times filming with Gram and Ben over the month. My last day I film with Ben for part 3 of his amazing Alliance webasode. Raph’s back lip switch back lip is insane. Tibo,Gram and Ben are killing it. Check the footage. Thanks Lray and Republic for having us.

Mitch Langfield …..Spray
BP6A0099BP6A0182Graeme Buress BP6A0193


Ben Leclair BP6A1121BP6A1583Gram                                                                        BenBP6A2396BP6A2404Chris O’SheaBP6A6134BP6A6149 BP6A6263BP6A8419BP6A8446BP6A8452BP6A9019Gram CWC skateparkBP6A9434BP6A9454DCIM102GOPRODCIM102GOPRODCIM102GOPRO